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We love design. From the first pixel we code, to the finishing touches of your brand identity, we deliver design solutions with passion and purpose. When our collective love of strategy meets our individual creativity, the results are nothing short of remarkable.

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We love what we do and that’s why we always go the extra mile. For us, the creative process is about driving our projects to the limit of their potential. Why? Because we don’t just want to meet your expectations, but exceed them.

User-Centric Design

It’s our job to make sure that everything we design and deliver engages the user. So, before we do anything, we take time to research and plan the user journey - then we create it and test it. This allows us to listen to feedback and change direction if we need to.

This flexible approach allows us to craft solutions that meet your needs, effectively and profitably; managing the whole process, from conception to completion, so that you don’t have to.

What is the creative approach to projects?

Our Creative Approach

We’re a group of creative thinkers, first and foremost, but we also know that our solutions need to do more than just look good. We know that we need to keep moving, keep innovating and always be proactive.

Your brand adds power to this approach. Our relationship with you is an integral part of this creative process and that’s why your business, is our business. Our team of skilled designers, developers, animators and writers all live by this approach and work hard, as part of your team.

How does the creative process work?

The Creative Process


We listen and learn in order to understand, and ultimately deliver.


Only when we fully understand what is required, do we begin to consider the visual and aesthetic approaches that will fulfil your requirements.


After creation or development, we evaluate form and functionality - refining the project until it perfectly matches your brief.


At this stage, you might expect us to take a step back, but we like to stay involved; we monitor campaign performance, we analyse, we learn, and we evolve.

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Brand Creation

While your logo is central to your identity, a brand encompasses so much more. The creation of your brand comes from time spent listening, understanding, and establishing a great relationship with you.

Customers experience your brand in numerous ways; from online interactions, through to packaging and marketing. First impressions count and every experience leaves a lasting impression. Your brand is a reflection of your business, its message, values, and ethos. We place great importance on researching both your company and your market, to enable us to become your brand ambassadors and convey your core brand DNA to its target audience.

What clients does ICE work for?

We take time to understand and connect with our clients, their brand and their unique needs. We aim to find simplicity in complexity and create design solutions that are memorable, on-brand, on-time and on-budget.

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